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Posted: 09/27/2020 08:07:32
Dear banca members,

Banca admin is not here anymore and finally we are ready to launch the same project with different strategy,

1. Banca members have to promote their affiliate links on order to get referrals,  as there will not be referrals for rent anymore.

2. To earn with banca, you can complete offers or click on users advertisements.

3. You need to invest in order to be able to withdraw ( add advertising balance and advertise your affiliate links), you can only use your balance to advertise at least one time, after that you will be able to withdraw your money.

4. To withdraw with other platforms such as paypal, PM or crypto you need to contact support team and they will be happy to satisfy your request.

5. Advertisements are cheap because of relaunching,  after few weeks price will grow. 

* Forum posts are so restricted and any violation of terms and conditions will be banned from posting.

- we will help you to earn only if you help banca to grow and become n.1 PTC platform on the market.


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